The iconic French Press was invented by Paolini Ugo and patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta in 1929 but the first design dates back to 1852.

While there are different brewing methods using the French Press, this is our preferred method at Abide Culture Coffee Roasters:

Laundry List:
French Press [8 cup]
whole bean coffee [~60g]
hot water (off-boil, around 195°F-200°F)
wooden spoon of coffee paddle
*a burr grinder allows the grind to be more consistent.

Step 1
measure out 60g of coffee and grind it to the consistency of bread crumbs or kosher salt.

Step 2
pour hot water into the carafe of the french press. this step helps prepare the glass to maintain temperature as well as brew for best bean extraction.

Step 3
empty the carafe and add your freshly ground coffee to the empty press. fill the carafe about halfway, saturating the grounds; make sure all grounds are wet. start your timer.

Step 4
after the first minute, using a wooden spoon or coffee paddle, break up the "crust" that has formed.
TIP: we prefer wood so we don't accidentally crack and break the glass.
NOTE: when using a lighter roast, add another 30-60 seconds for initial bloom.

Step 5
add more hot water to bring the level to the top of the carafe. using the "cage" of the press as a guide, have the level meet the top of the cage.

Step 6
let the coffee steep for another three minutes.

Step 7
after the 4 minutes have passed, "press" the plunger down.
TIP: to avoid over extraction, transfer the brewed coffee to another serving carafe.

Step 8
pour, sip, and enjoy.