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We love to converse with other humans who are interested in our small batch, handcrafted beans; learning how they prefer their coffee. Here at Abide, we are a little introverted—but accessible—and will discuss coffee. Since coffee is a very personal experience, with a wide range of exposure, there is almost always the same response with the change of one adjective: "I like a [light][medium][dark] roast." Circle your preference. One major goal here at Abide Culture Coffee Roasters is to change that way of thinking by asking "what notes do you like?" What is a note? Basically, a note is an aroma and taste that you will experience while grinding, brewing, and sipping our coffee. Do you like chocolates—dark. milk. white.—or caramels? Berries or citrus? Vanillas? Toffees? Sugars: burnt or brown? Honey?

Let's take a step back: if there was a table decorated with chocolates, a plethora of fruits, peanut butter, honey, brown sugar, limes and lemons; what would you reach for first? But then you start thinking about what might blend well; you begin to explore your options. The same thing happens with the complexity—or the simplicity—of the coffee bean; the character of the coffee: characteristic and distinguishing traits. Instead of reverting back to your mentally circled answer, think outside the roast box. One of the biggest compliments we get when someone sips on our brewed beans is "Wow! I can drink this black!"

Each and every bean of ours is profiled, cupped for aromas and flavors, and noted for your guidance. Triangle tested. Sensory assessment. What you are tasting is the bean itself. Nothing added. Savor the flavor. Great coffee doesn't need sugar; bad coffee doesn't deserve sugar.

Trust the process; enjoy the journey. Stay Humble. Abide.

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