Our Abide Drip Icon. First fabricated from pencil striking paper. Graphite lines etched. Created by hand. Analog. An idea that produced action. That piece of parchment placed as a reminder. History. Shape takes form. Adjust. Alter. Anchor points. Smooth. Drawn and designed for presentation: an espresso drip, an ink drip, and a honey drip. Threefold cord.

The typeface was constructed with characters upon each other to form a humble droplet: an 'A' riding above—apex—and points upward; 'C' sits down below. 'A' for 'Abide'; 'C' for 'Culture' and 'Christ'. Double meaning: "Abide Culture" and "Abide in Christ". The typographical aspect—the jagged stem—in the representation 'A' glyph pictograph portrays the North Idaho landscape; negative space: peaks. Everywhere we stand, we are surrounded by beautiful Pacific Northwest mountains: The Selkirks, The Rocky Mountains, and The Bitterroots just to name a few. Some of these mountains live out-of-state and in another country: Washington, Montana, and British Columbia, Canada.

   An espresso drip: representing our ethos. Pure and simple.
   An ink drip: representing Ecclesia and the written Word—wisdom and knowledge—and Erin's love of books.
   A honey drip: representing our Abide Hollow Apiary.