Halloween 2019

Fall. October. Halloween. 46°F. Downtown Coeur d'Alene. Traces of snow still on the ground from Monday's storm. Costumed kids swarm the shops and Sherman-facing stores while dressed in a display of handmade disguises to store bought styles. Masks hide faces. Painted faces. First responders line one section of the street and hand out wrapper-covered candies. Up and down cement sidewalks, generations of trick-or-treaters, young to old, parade in this year's flavors: some children clothed in nightmare fashions while others take on a more innocent persona.

"Trick or treat" lays on lips and permeates the autumn air. "Thank you" follows as hollowed-out plastic screaming pumpkins are filled with treats; store owners and employees distribute chocolates and other sugary delights. We visit with familiar faces. Small talk with those that aren't. Thank our 'thin blue line' and 'thin red line' servants. Parent taxes taken as 'fun-sizes' are consumed; a cheshire grinning moon shines in the heavens as Venus rides shotgun.

Candy comas cometh.

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