Operation: Christmas Child [2020]

Another year has basically come and gone. Another year to create memories and add to the traditions we hold close to our hearts. Thanksgiving is next week. Then Christmas. 2021 following close behind. The week before Thanksgiving: National Drop Off Week. Operation: Christmas Child.

Last year, our packed boxes found themselves placed in the hands of a boy and a girl in the country of Thailand. The year before that: Mexico. This year, we continued the Abide Family tradition of packing boxes and sending them out. An empty vessel ready to be filled. This year, a total of 9,113,853 shoeboxes were donated, which included 11,409 boxes from the North Idaho area.

Through our own ministry, AB1DE, we are blessed to be able to help support the global efforts of Samaritan's Purse, not only to deliver Christmas joy to children around the world, but more importantly, as a vehicle of love, to spread the Gospel of Christ.

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